“Here I felt the throb of the great ocean that lay before me. I knew now that I had put a world behind me, and that I was opening out another world ahead. I had passed the haunts of savages”.



:. Cap Ferret, December 2013

Taxi Driver Soundtrack – Diary of a Taxi Driver
Gilbert Bécaud – Contre Vous (GOB edit)
Au Pairs – It’s Obvious


Uncoating the quote

Got something to say? Need to say it? Unfulfilled? Never made sense of what you are, who you were, who you will be? Unfulfilled?
Do you forget sometimes about your own skin, your own hair, or other people’s hair and skin? Can you make more hair, more skin?
Do you need more hair and/or skin? Unfulfilled? Are you satisfied with it all? Do you see it all?
What room are you in? What room do you want to be in? How big is your room? Unfulfilled?
Have you ever said a thing inside your brain, and then sent it to your hand to move a pencil to write it into symbols onto a paper, which used to be a tree, and then used your eyes to translate those symbols back into the thing you just said inches away in your brain, and then re-said it with your mouth into an ear? Whose ear was it? Unfulfilled?
Ever eaten things that made you think differently? Breathed things? Unfulfilled? Feel things? Felt things?
We are you.


“Le vrai charme des gens, c’est le côté où ils perdent un peu les pédales. C’est le côté où ils ne savent plus très bien où ils en sont. Ça ne veut pas dire qu’ils s’écroulent, au contraire, ce sont des gens qui ne s’écroulent pas. Mais si tu ne saisis pas la petite racine, ou le petit grain, la folie chez quelqu’un, tu ne peux pas l’aimer”.

Gilles Deleuze – Le charme de la démence
La Femme – Sur La Planche
Siriusmo – Petit Cochon
Perera Elsewhere – Drunk Man


:. Paris, October 2013

Uncoating the quote

“I only know goodness… and anger… and revenge and evil and desire.
These seem to me far better words then ‘neurosis’ and ‘psychology’ and ‘paranoia’.
These old words, these good old words have a sort of… conviction…
which all this modern apparatus of language now lacks.
We bury these words, these simple feelings. We bury them deep.
And all the building over that constitutes this century will not wish these feelings away.”

S o lar

Would you care to burn me?
I’d like to overdose on warmth and light.
Thank you.

Tristesse Contemporaine - 51 ways to leave your lover
Collateral - Try again (Aaliyah cover)

:. Artwork by Carolin Reichert